Get Your Reward With Each Referral 

Earn money when you refer a candidate and he gets his first payment. Your reference counts on and you get the commission out of it. You are in control, set your own pace, and work remotely.

Make money doing 
what you love

Leverage your professional networks and set notifications when specific jobs become available.

Work anywhere, 
anytime online

All you need is an internet 
connection, computer, and a phone.

Work as much as you want

Set your own hours and choose what jobs and companies you want to work with.

We welcome all recruiting industry specialties

  • From Engineering, Executive, Sales, Marketing, IT, to Operations, Pharmaceutical, Finance - If you have the professional recruiting experience you can earn cash recruiting on our roles.
  • Join the thousands of sourcing experts who want to work on their terms and make thousands of dollars a month doing what they love.

Apply Now 


Refer prospective 
employee/ customer


Your referral gets 
employed/ our customer


You get rewarded after 90 days of employment/after our first invoice to 
the customer


Repeat referral & 
earn again!

​Drop a reference if you:

  • Know a client is looking for an IT and/or Engineering resources contract;
  • Know a client is looking for custom development/DevOps/Custom development projects;
  • Know a client is looking for the Employer of Record services in any Asian Countries;
  • Know a client is looking for healthcare, clinical (doctors, nurses, etc.), and non-clinical resources;
  • Know a client is looking to accelerate, support, and empower their business through our staff augmentation specialists; and
  • Know a client is looking for ERP/Custom program implementation/roll-out or support/enhancement projects.

    Signing a new client or candidate:
    You will earn up to 25% of the revenue that iGlobal makes as your 
    COMMISSION on all successful closures within six months from the date of signup.

  • Terms & conditions apply 
We can assure you that any prospective employees/customers you 
refer us to will be super happy! We have numerous employees, contactors 
and customers to vouch for us.
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